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Choosing the Right Moving Company

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Choosing the Right Moving Company

How to Know that You’ve chosen the Right Moving Company

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Texas is full of many legitimate and illegitimate moving companies, so it could be hard knowing whether or not you are choosing the right one. Luckily we’ve created this article to helpfully inform you of what to look for, and what makes a moving company credible. You might be wondering, “why would you offer a guide that can be used against yourself?”. The truth is what do we have to hide, we have full confidence in what it is that we do. So without further introduction this is how to choose, the right moving company.

Licensed and Insured

This is at the top of the list because it should be your main concern when choosing. Many moving companies will attempt to move you without licensing or insurance. This holds a potential risk towards the worker’s safety, and the safety of your possessions. A moving company without the proper insurance is best to be avoided on the small chance of endangering the client and employee’s. Proper insurance should also be checked if it is provided locally, in state, or internationally.

Watch out for Sketchy Movers

Moving without being licensed is an example of sketchy moving. You want to be able to identify sketchy movers and one way to make an educated guess on the credibility of a moving company is through moving quotes. A cheap moving quote that is nowhere near the standard price range, might indicate that the moving company is bad in service or is inexperienced, which is an important factor. Also the amount of years a moving company has been in business means that they would be more experienced than a moving company that is upcoming. Next you want to get an overview of the pricing and the way that they may charge. Some moving companies may charge hourly, per room, for the distance, or for the amount of items. Whether they charge before or after the move is important as well. Some will charge a minimum before the move starts and the remainder afterwards. Once it is time to pay, if the company is overly persuading you to use cash, it is most likely to avoid payments and moves from getting on record through a paper trail. They do this to decrease taxes for them in the long run. All professional moving companies should either have a digital/paper contract.

Contract Information

Contracts hold information about hidden fees. This will tell you about the cost that many moving companies won’t tell you about. The contracts also withhold information on what the moving company will cover in the event of property damage, giving coverage details. Hidden fees are obstacles that you want to dodge with any moving company. Anything that is mentioned through the contractor is what should be paid such as time, labor, and a travel charge.

Questions You Should Ask Your Moving Company

How Do You Price?

Many moving companies will charge according to time but there are other ways they can charge as well. As mentioned before they can charge through an amount of items priced at cents per item. They can also charge for the overall weight of the load transported. The downfall to this is you would not know how much you would be charged until they are in possession of all your belongings. The most popular pricing is in fact charging per minute after a given minimum.

What Don’t You Take?

Some moving companies will refuse to take certain items not because of difficulty but because of risk towards the belongings or the safety of the workers. One of these items would be pianos. Pianos carry a grand amount of weight and despite the size they can actually be quite fragile. Fragile in the sense of how many sensitive parts it contains that are non accessible. Hazardous items are also not taken such as gasoline, oil, or even firearms. Items such as these require specific licenses in order to take and cause major problems to the moving trucks if a leakage were to occur, or a firearm was to go off. Finally plants are only a concern depending on the importance of the customer. Plants can not be wrapped and only secured with wall straps to prevent pots from moving.

How Old Is The Company?

This is a question that will determine at what quality your move will be in. A new coming company will lack experience and most likely be naive in their approach to take care of your items. An adequate amount of years for a company to have is at least two years but more is best. Houston Promovers have over 5 years of experience which gives credit to our company name. The younger a company is means that they are still learning what not to do, and while helpful toward the company, nobody wants to be a casualty in the learning process.

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