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How Much to Tip Movers

How much to tip movers

How Much to Tip Movers

? Should I tip my movers ?

tip my movers

Many clients are unaware that movers also get tipped alike to many other occupations.
This leads to confusion on how much to tip movers, or if you’re even required to. Often people pay an
overly generous amount because they feel forced due to the intense labor. This is a guide to the
exact amount that you should pay, depending on the quality that your job was performed.
Moving Companies will offer different ways to tip because of the status of the moving
company vs the quality. . A fair tipping amount is 5% of the total move per
mover. So if the move was two-hundred dollars each individual mover would get paid ten
dollars. This is standard but movers can get paid anywhere between 5% and 8%. It is
important to take into account the difficulty of the move which can sway the total tip.
But why should you tip at all? The moving industry is extremely laborious and can be
difficult. No one is obligated to tip, but the movers would gladly appreciate it. When tipping the
movers the best method is through cash. Often Moving companies will deduct a percentage of
the tip if it was completed through a bank account. Or tips can be transferred through online
Tips are also a big majority of the movers pay. Making on average $15 dollars an hour may sound
decent, but the schedule of movers can change drastically, and many aren’t paid for the hours
spent in an empty truck (travelling from one job to the next). Many movers make a little over minimum wage when all payments are tallied
excluding tips. The tips are at least a fourth of the movers income.


Tipping Movers

tip my movers 1

Movers also have to stay in
shape and proactive, so that they are always prepared to handle heavy and delicate objects in
difficult locations. It is a movers job to make sure that they are always physically youthful. They
maintain this endurance with snacks and beverages not provided by the company in between
moves. Any breaks and food are not given to the workers during the move. Meaning that if they
have a 7 hour move, for 7 hours they work with intense labor. Any food comes out of the
pockets of the workers.
That being said this does not mean that you should always tip the movers. At the end of
the day, everything depends on the quality of the move, and your generosity. It is not the
moving company’s mission to break your bank account. We would much rather have a fully
satisfied customer, than one that didn’t enjoy our service. If you feel that the move wasn’t done
to your expectations then it is your one hundred percent choice not to tip, and that is perfectly
fine, but as said before, it would be greatly appreciated. Call the best movers in Houston to get you booked in.

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