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Preparing for your Move

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Preparing for your Move

The Correct Approach to Preparing For a Move

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When you have finally decided what moving company to choose ( which is Houston
) it is important to know the proper steps to prepare for moving. Many clients expect the moving company to take care of all the preparation in accordance with the move. Which we will cheerfully do with a smile on our face. Yet the amount of effort that a client will put in to make sure that the move goes smoothly can drastically decrease the time it takes to complete the move.
Keeping most of your money in your pockets to take the family out to dinner to celebrate your new home. This article will go into detail about the steps taken in order to make sure the move goes in accordance and finish quickly, and smoothly for you and the movers.

Miscellaneous Items

packing and moving

The first obstacle that can hold problems with the efficiency of the move is an
abundance of small items. This can be toys, kitchenware, stuffed animals etc. Small items like
these not only take more time to collect but are also unstackable in a truck. It is unprofessional to stack on top of silverware and toys because of the risk of misshaping items and causing an unstable area to stack boxes, couches and dressers. The way to avoid this minute stress is by backing small items in small boxes. This decreases the amount of time it takes to load the truck by decreasing the amount of time traveling between the house and the moving truck. This also
creates more space to store more items in the moving truck. Which allows us to use the full
capacity of the truck.

Moving Boxes / Packing Supplies

moving boxes

Packing Supplies are extremely helpful. By boxing materials that are possible to pack
can decrease the time of the move to a third of the time. Anything from medium sized
paintings, pillows, plates, clothes, and miscellaneous items can be packed. Items should be packed in accordance to weight and fragileness. Items that are fragile such as glass should be packed in small boxes along with a fragile label on the top of the box. Each glass item should be individually wrapped with packing paper to prevent shifting inside of the box. Items that are heavy should also be packed in smaller boxes, while items of a lesser weight should be packed in bigger boxes. An example of this would be packing books in a smaller box, and packing pillows and clothes in a bigger box.

Big Furniture

furniture movers near me

Dressers can also be of concern when unpacked. All dressers, nightstands, and
entertainment centers should be unpacked into boxes to prevent drawers from damaging due to
the extra weight. Entertainment centers should have the shelves detached as they can fall on
the delivery of your possessions to their new location. Items such as bed frames and television
sets can be disassembled to decrease the time it takes to disassemble these items. We can
disassemble them because each mover is accompanied with a set of tools, but the amount of
time decreased can be substantial if the client takes the initiative to break down these items.

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